NFT Solutions for ARTISTS

Setting up your first NFT is complicated.

We put artists in the NFT market quickly,

with A N Y legal/allowable art or collectible.


Our solution, makes NFT adoption easy

We cover everything you need to get your first NFT online, including the creation of your WALLET and EXCHANGE, plus connecting it to your bank or fiat source.

We also open your first NFT Gallery Space and provide you with a roadmap to connect it all to your online presence and social media.

We'll take care of all the tech issues for your 1st NFT, plus, we'll UPLOAD it to get you started quickly.

We also Co-LAUNCH your 1st NFT SALE - fixed price or auction

Once you're running, you take the controls.

International Artist Day, in exclusive partnership with Area46 will showcase your NFT in the iAD Gallery.

We will also provide you with our NFT QUICK GUIDE to help you leverage your new ecosystem.

*We do everything safely - you SIGN-OFF on every critical step. You also have the option to execute some of the steps under our direction. Some steps 'might' also require your direct involvement during the process.

If you want into the NFT CryptoArt market, but you're confused and frustrated, please register above to learn more. Early adoption has advantages.

Area46 is the EXCLUSIVE NFT Solutions Provider for
iAD - International Artist Day

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