Maurice Cardinal

Digital Marketing & Communications
Writer :: Advisor :: Developer

I've managed global media campaigns most of my career
as a manager, director, or producer ... sometimes all three.

Over the last few years I focused on BLOCKCHAIN strategies.

At my core, I am a writer ... campaigns or content, a digital media strategist, and an advanced social media manager. I have experience as a traditional marketer, and also developing retargeting strategies.

In 2003 I developed a series of early adopter communications strategies for companies who wanted to leverage Olympic momentum during the Vancouver Games. In 2006 I wrote a book and blog about disruptive marketing that progressive companies like lululemon and Scotiabank followed closely. CBC also liked my ideas and featured me in their Road to the Games series about social media marketing.

Over the last two decades I've managed online marketing and communication campaigns for a variety of companies. Jeff Ansell & Associates, one of the most respected media and public speaking training agencies in North America contracted me to design and develop their digital communications package for over 20 years.

I co-managed high visibility PR projects with two U.S. presidential teams, and with companies like CBS, CBC, Ford, IBM, Bell, and Lilly. For sixteen years I co-wrote and published a business newsletter read by thousands of c-suite executives and politicians, including a dozen U.S. senators, plus, MBA students at Harvard Law School.

In an early career and for seventeen years I managed operations and promotion for high profile entertainers who sold millions of records and concert tickets, and won countless Grammy and Billboard Awards.

I've co-written tech articles for WIRED magazine, as well as food pieces for Canada Wide Publishing, and have been a trusted source for the Globe & Mail, Seattle Times, and ESPN.