ABOUT Area46 MediaCom

We specialize in 3 Key Areas ...

NFT Research & Development

We've developed blockchain, cryptocurrency, and FinTech projects since 2014, and entered the NFT CryptoArt market in 2017.

Our experience managing high-visibility entertainment and art management projects helped us considerably in the development of NFT.

We are the OFFICIAL NFT Solutions Provider for International Artist Day and work with some of the best legacy artists in the world in the CryptoArt space. Click the GREEN button to learn more about our NFT SERVICE for ARTISTS.

Internet Development
and Marketing

Since 1994, we've created online marketing strategies and internet sites for hundreds of clients around the world. Our teams develop websites, write the copy, and create imagery and video.

We have been a trusted source for online and mainstream news companies like WIRED, The Globe & Mail, Seattle Times, Asahi Shimbun, and CBC among many others.

We’ve worked with companies like Ford, IBM, Bell, Lilly and more, and produced newsletters read by thousands of c-suite executives and hi-visibility politicians, including a dozen U.S. senators, and also MBA students at Harvard Law School.

Social Media Promotion

In 2003, we wrote a popular book about disruptive marketing that served as a roadmap for small and large companies in Olympic regions. It was the first time in history social media was used by third parties to effectively leverage Olympic momentum.

The CBC liked our social media ideas so much they did a Road to the Games National News series with us for the Vancouver Olympics.

We also ghost write for busy c-suite executives.

Area46 Media Communications was launched in 1994, and for almost three decades delivered thousands of media projects to hundreds of clients internationally.

Before launching Area46, and for two decades, our founder managed campaigns for Grammy award winning artists, and also produced and directed countless hi-visibility projects in visual art communities around the world.

Area46 Media Communications provided small business owners with insight into how to compete with large companies. Our founder also wrote Leverage Olympic Momentum, a ground-breaking book that showed SMEs how to create and manage disruptive marketing strategies designed to raise visibility and increase sales.

Area46 is the EXCLUSIVE NFT Solutions Provider for
iAD - International Artist Day

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