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Solutions to Help You Leverage Olympic Momentum

Congratulations! You landed an Olympic contract! ... Now what?

Managing an Olympic contract is harder than most people think.

It's unfortunate, but VANOC is in dire financial straits.

They can't pay their workers and have asked local businesses to bail them out.

If VANOC can't pay their bills, how do you think they will manage your agreement?

Running in the red is common for Olympic organizations, but downplayed by news media.

Local newspapers are Olympic partners and hold back news putting you at a disadvantage.

We've conducted extensive research and developed solutions to help you manage your Olympic relationship profitably. Our solutions are progressive and effective, and contain strategies and information VANOC, known for its lack of transparency, would prefer we kept hidden.

Consequently, our relationship with clients is always highly confidential.

Here's a sample of what Olympic organizations don't want you to know ...

The IOC does not reveal their entire play book to anyone. If you expect normal rules, you will be caught of guard. Respected researchers offer well documented and conclusive evidence the IOC changes agreements arbitrarily when it suites their purpose even when it harms host communities.

It's common sense, but because too many people mistakenly put unconditional trust in Olympic organizations they fail to appreciate that VANOC does not have a responsibility to help you manage your contract in a manner beneficial to you. It is up to you to play the game well and profitably, or at the very least leverage your affiliation to raise the visibility of your company.

The IOC / VANOC rarely promise relationships with them will be profitable, in fact they probably warned you up front your affiliation would not generate revenue directly, and the best you could hope to achieve would be to raise your company's visibility.

The sad reality is that VANOC has zero funds to help you even if they wanted. Consequently, if you don't know and understand their clandestine unwritten rules and culture you will place yourself and your company at a serious disadvantage. Knowing their history will help you substantially.

It is also well documented that even though Olympic organizations do not have funds to provide everything they initially agreed upon, you will still be expected to deliver your end of the agreement to the l e t t e r - in spite of their failings. Read our book for specific examples of the financial liability companies like yours have been subjected to at past Games. Remember, they've done this many times before, and know the ropes. It is also well documented they unfairly use patriotism and a fear of public humiliation against their suppliers. We'll show you how to avoid this trap, because if you fall into it the IOC always comes out ahead at your expense.

The IOC does not have a reputation for being fair or lenient.

We can help you play their game so it benefits your company on a number of levels.

The more you know about how Olympic organizations really operate, the better you will be able to position your company during what is always a very chaotic and expensive ride.

If you have questions, read our book, Leverage Olympic Momentum, and
then call us for advice to help you make your Olympic experience profitable.

You don't have to go into 2010 blind, and you don't have to do it alone.

Retailers ¤ Manufacturers ¤ Suppliers

If you sell products and services DIRECTLY to Olympic organizations, their Sponsors and Affiliates, Athletes, and Spectators, you must clearly understand your options and know where you fit into the hierarchy.

If you expect to profit, you need to know the
written and unwritten culture and rules.

You will also need trusted partners, and we'd like to be one of them.

Talk to us before you talk to them . . . 604.560.4419

Simply landing an Olympic contract doesn't guarantee VANOC or the IOC will live up to it in the manner of its intent. You work for them, which in this cash-strapped time for VANOC makes your relationship harder to manage and incredibly challenging.

The solution, fortunately, is relatively simple ... Good Research & Good Advice

Contact us now and don't wait until you're Behind the 8 Ball

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