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Area46 Media Communications is a Marketing Communications & Promotion company.

Our overall goal is to increase your sales and profit.

We do this by creating a web presence that promotes your company effectively.

People often confuse us as simply being an internet developer, but our expertise goes way beyond.

Yes, we are experienced web site designers and developers, but at the
end of the day if our creations don't improve your sales, what's the point?

Since we launched in 1994 online business communication has advanced dramatically.

A great web presence now includes Social Media tools like Blogs, Twitter, and LinkedIn, plus it incorporates video and audio. Search engine optimization - SEO, also plays a critical role.

Long gone are the days of companies developing their web presence in-house. It's still realistic to maintain your web presence in-house, but if you don't build a solid foundation based on proven experience you place your credibility and reputation at risk.

A web presence needs to be a thoroughbred horse worthy of the quality of your products.

Unfortunately, too many web sites are train wrecks reflecting poorly on the companies they represent.

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