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Each campaign we create is a mix of our client's needs tempered with collective
experience and realistic expectations.
We never oversell expectations ...

We spend a great deal of time helping our clients understand exactly
what works and what doesn't relative to their specific business.

We first offer basic advice and then provide you with a number of options.

We carefully research your internal resources and infrastructure and advise you of the best ways to amalgamate "your team" and resources with our team, and possibly even our third-party suppliers.

We also help you arrive at and manage your budget.

Our mandate is to develop a timeline for you that is realistic, and advise you when to develop specific phases of your online growth, including long term strategies. One of our strengths is being able to predict where the online world will be in three months as well as three years relative to your business.

We won't take a step without talking to you about your competition and then doing our own comprehensive research. We do a lot of listening before we develop a strategy for you.

At each step we consult carefully with your key people, including your sales and marketing strategists, and then direct information to our internal team of technical, design and business professionals. We provide you with a real time view of work-in-progress and liaise with you at every juncture. We handle all the big and small details from helping you choose and register a domain name, to actually launching and promoting your web site, and of course testing it exhaustively before it goes public.

Our goal is to help you increase sales and/or find better customers and clients.

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