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A landing page is a page on a web site that contains
details of a product or service, and a CALL TO ACTION.

It's a very effective way to attract someone to your offering.

A landing page ideally has it's own domain name, but not always.

Landing pages give prospects a very quick overview of your product or service, and then provide a way for the customer to either purchase it, or link to a page with a more detailed explanation.

Landing pages are great for companies who offer a variety of products, but when only one or two of their products generate the most revenue. This way you can still have your generic web presence, and also maintain a highly specialized presence for specific products or services.

Landing pages are ideal when your offering isn't complex enough to justify an entire web site.

They are basically ADD ONs to a full version web site. They have all the bells and whistles, but none of the bulk. They are also perfect platforms to track product response because you can create a number of different landing pages for the same product and easily see which one generates the most sales, or sales from a particular demographic. Same product - different offering, even different price.

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