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MAINTENANCE - Tune Ups for your Web Presence

All web sites need to be tuned up occasionally.

Just like a car, it pays to check tire pressure and take a look under the hood.

Many site owners are hesitant to look for trouble, but the reality is that it is much cheaper to do a little preventative maintenance than it is to drive around in a tired old ride that impacts your reputation.

Even if you had a great web site a few years ago, things change - code in particular.

Sometimes all it takes is a few hours to update code so your site operates efficiently with new browsers or on new versions of cell phones and tablets, like iPADs.

It might also be a good idea to update tired old product shots,
or remove products and services you no longer offer.

A tired site sends a message your company is also tired, when in fact that might not be the case.
Could be, your business is booming and you just haven't had the time. In this difficult financial era the last thing you want is to send a message to prospects that you're on the verge of collapse.

I can do a quick tune up REMOTELY so you're ready for a product launch or upcoming trade show.

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