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Many CEOs and Corporate Managers hesitate to fully leverage social media because they feel it exposes a bit too much of their personality.

makes us uneasy.

Forbes Magazine reports that sales executives who embrace social media are;

51% more likely to reach their quotas, and that 78% of sales professionals who use social media out perform their peers.

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I'm Maurice Cardinal
(that's me in the video).

In 2006 I wrote and published
Leverage Olympic Momentum,
a popular book designed to teach business leaders how to capitalize on events in their communities.

My innovative process was a turning point in promotion that companies like lululemon and Scotiabank leveraged very effectively.

The Olympic related special events strategies I developed over a seven year period have been adapted to work for almost any business anywhere around the world.

Throughout my ten year Olympic journey I learned that C-Suite executives often hesitated to capitalize on fleeting opportunities because they didn't feel as comfortable as younger colleagues who used social media.

Oddly ... it still holds true today.

Today, business is about transparency, and so is social media. Consequently, if you're not using social media, your clients and customers might very well wonder what you have to hide.

The reality is that everyone is intimidated by the complexities and rapid changes of social media, but senior executives especially hesitate to ask for assistance because they fear it will make them look incompetent.

It's exactly what their younger colleagues want them to think.

My private workshops and training sessions get you up to speed quickly and alleviate stress immediately.

Below is a short list of CEOs and business owners of "traditional businesses" who use social media because it works. You can easily join all their SocMed communities for free, tapping into what they share in real time, and hear about it at the same time the NY Times hears about it.

Richard Branson
(FYI - #1 LinkedIn player)

Mary Barra General Motors
Elon Musk Tesla Motors
Marillyn Hewson Lockheed Martin
Paul Polman Unilever
Jeff Immelt GE
Doug Conant Campbell Soup
Gary Kelly Southwest Airlines
Peter Guber Mandalay Entertainment
Peter Aceto Tangerine
Arne Sorenson Marriott
Am Molinari Johnson Controls
Harriet Green Thomas Cook
Helena Morrissey Bank of NY Mellon
Jean-Pascal Tricoire Schneider Electric
Mark Bertolini Aetna
Xavier Rolet London Stock Exchange
Steve Easterbrook McDonalds
Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway

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CEO & Executive SOCIAL MEDIA Training

If you're a C-Suite Executive or Manager and hesitant about
using Social Media I have a relatively simple solution that
will get you up to speed quickly and alleviate your stress.

Harvard Business Review
reports that "... a CEO using social media
indicates a leader is listening, is open to engaging in two-way
dialogue with stakeholders, and is comfortable with change

Harvard Business Review also reported in 2016 that the
biggest fear of CEOs is to be found incompetent.

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Trust in CEOs has plummeted to an all time low in 2017.

Thankfully, social media is an easy way to build and rebuild trust.

Forbes magazine reports that executives who actively use social media attain almost 7X higher engagement with clients and customers than their colleagues.

Harvard Business Review reports that since 2015, 80% of the CEOs of the world’s largest 50 companies are active on social media. The rest of the world is quickly catching up at 50% engagement by CEOs overall.

Almost 70% of CEOs have a visible presence on their company websites beyond just their name and bio, plus, Harvard research has shown that 52% of executives say their CEOs’ social media presence makes them feel inspired, 46% say it makes them feel technologically advanced, 41% say it makes them feel proud.

They also report that LinkedIn is the most popular social network for top executives. According to their study, NEW CEOs use social media to reach wider audiences faster than their peers and colleagues who are not as social media fluent.

A CEO's most common fears are;

° Underachieving

° Appearing too vulnerable

° Appearing foolish

Harvard Business Review also claims
"Fear diminishes a CEO's confidence
and undermines relationships with other executives.

WIRED Magazine concurs that fear is the major hurdle for executives today. WIRED also reports that the two most common fears of executives are the fear of looking incompetent, and of having a difficult conversation. and Domo report that LinkedIn is the “entry network” of choice among CEOs, and particularly among Fortune 500 CEOs that use only a single social network.

Weber Shadwick reports that;

° 66% of consumers say their perception of a CEO
affects their opinion of the company's products or services.

° Executives also attribute nearly 50% of a
company’s reputation to the CEO’s reputation.

° 60% of a company’s market value is attributed to its reputation.

Video is the social media tool of choice for CEOs. Almost 50% of CEOs appear in corporate videos. 76% of executives feel it’s beneficial for CEOs to use social media.

According to Fast Company Magazine, "Social media is where customers are, and you need to be there too." "Social media gives CEOs a direct line into what their customers are thinking and doing without spin from publicists or middle managers. Plus, it takes minimal time and effort. Fast Company also reports that social media is a powerful and efficient way for a CEO to build trust with customers and rapport with employees.

According to Morgan Chase

° 54% of executives use social media for professional networking

° 85% of executives use social media to raise brand awareness

° 66% of executives use social media to grow their networks

° 37% of executives use social media to recruit and hire

° 35% of executives use social media daily

72% of executives use LinkedIn
LinkedIn is harder to use effectively than most people think.

It's a given that ALL tech related companies embrace social media at all levels from the CEO and throughout the entire organization. Tech people recognized the power long ago.

Below is a short list of powerful CEOs and business owners with more "traditional businesses" who use social media because it works for them too. You can easily join all their SocMed communities for free, tapping into what they share in real time, and hear about it at the same time the NY Times hears about it.

Social media is the perfect tool to keep busy CEOs in the loop.
First you learn to read social media, then you learn to speak it.

According to Marketing Magazine ...
Only 25% of CEOs’ Twitter posts promote the business of their companies.

CEOs share content on social media such as;

° Thought Leadership

° Business Promotion

° Philanthropy

° Mentorship

° Governance

By not engaging with social media, CEOs run the risk of being perceived as aloof, out of touch, or uncaring by their own employees, customers, or the public at large.”

Edleman Public Relations reported ...

CEOs use social media to;

° Monitor and engage customers and prospects

° Connect with news and industry media

° Fortify business relationships

° Build thought leadership

° Recruit new hires

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